WAWMAR Company is present on the market since 1989. Thirty years of activity has allowed us to gather a team of experienced professionals and expand the technical facilities needed to deliver high-quality products and services. The company is especially focused on development and new technologies. We provide comprehensive metalworking. In scope of our offer there are services such as: sheet metal cutting, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) laser cutting, sheet metal bending, locksmithing of processed products and assembly of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We also deliver construction welding, shot blasting, sandblasting and coating (powder and wet) services of metal components and structures, cooperating with proven companies. ​​Thanks to the CNC technology used for sheet metal cutting and bending machines – we operate quickly and efficiently.

We focus on simplicity of solutions

Services available for our Customers:
Customer Teams:

Account Manager and Project Manager are people who manage our Customers' projects. Each Customer has a permanently assigned Team that learns and meets Customer requirements and introduces changes in case of new expectations.
Production planning:

Plant capacity can be reserved in advance for weeks or months, protecting an order delivery on a given date regardless of the production load at various periods of time.
Comprehensive sheet metal processing:

  • 6 and 8 KW fiber
  • laser cutting and 4 kW
  • CO₂ laser cutting     
  • bending on press brakes     
  • edge deburrin     
  • vibro-abrasive machining     
  • drilling     
  • rifling     
  • chamfering     
  • riveting     
  • mounting assembly joints     
  • inserting     
  • screwing     
  • punching / stamping on eccentric presses     
  • grinding     
  • galvanizing     
  • automatic powder coating     
  • packing goods according to customer requirements
Modern machinery park:

  • Laser fiber KIMLA – 6
  • KIMLA fiber laser - 6 KW
  • KIMLA fiber laser - 8 KW
  • 4 kW Amada CO₂ laser
  • AMADA press brake - 100 tons / 3 m press beam length
  • AMADA press brake - 80 tons / 2.5 m press beam length
  • AMAD press brake - 80 tons / 2.5 m press beam length - active bending angle measurement
  • AMADA press brake - 50 tons / 2 m press beam length
  • LOEWER deburring machine - sheet metal width up to 1000 mm, length - without limitations
  • Eccentric presses
  • Tappers
  • Pillar drilling machines
  • Pallet wrapper